About Appcessible

Appcessible was created in 2014 in Exeter, England, U.K. by long-term friends, Matt and Oly. They wanted to help connect individuals with additional needs/disabilities with technologies (e.g., smart phone apps) that would improve their quality of life.


Oly is a PhD Candidate in the College of Social Work, The Ohio State University. He is a registered social worker (England), and has worked for the National Health Service, Devon County Council, and the Ohio State University (USA).

Oly's research has been published in many different journals and publications. You can see his list of works and find contact information on his personal website, owjbeer.com.


Matt is a web developer who spends far too long in front of his laptop screen. He is based in Devon, UK on the other side of the world to Oly.

You can see Matt's other projects on his website, coombecreative.co.uk.

If you would like to know more about Appcessible, please get in touch.